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             TriTech Lubricants is an Australian owned and operated company established in 2002. Built on a foundation
             of operating primarily as a lubricant manufacturing, packaging and logistics company backed by a high level
             of service and technical support.

             Strong support for TriTech Lubricants products led to the company establishing a Retail product range in
             2010 aimed at providing end users with that same unsurpassed product service and support. In 2014, to
             complement  the  rapidly  expanding  retail  range,  TriTech  released  TTR  Racing  Oil.  The  TTR  Range  is
             manufactured  from  the  highest  quality  raw  materials  and  designed  for  maximum  protection  in  vehicles
             operating under high stress. 2016 saw TriTech Lubricants expand its retail and distribution centres to a
             purpose  built  warehouse  in  Tullamarine  to  help  accommodate  the  rapid  growth  achieved  within  the

             TriTech Lubricants has rapidly cemented ourselves as market leaders within the industry. This affords our
             customers the knowledge that TriTech Lubricants can offer uncompromised product quality and support.
             TriTech  Lubricants  is  committed  to  technical  and  quality  excellence,  ensuring  that  all  our  products  are
             rigorously tested to perform under the most demanding conditions. All our products are manufactured under
             a strict ISO 9001-2015 quality endorsed manufacturing system.

             TriTech Lubricants products are blended using OEM approved formulations and developed to meet and
             exceed industry specifcations and comply with SAE, API, ACEA and ISO guidelines. This is backed by our
             product guarantee.

             With business interests throughout Australia, New Zealand, The Pacifc Islands and the Asia region including
             Singapore, Cambodia and China, TriTech Lubricants is indeed a truly global company. The chances are you
             are probably using our oil already!

             The Company’s growth in Australia and abroad can be attributed to the dedication of our loyal employees
             and the commitment to product quality and customer service that all at TriTech share.


             TriTech  Lubricants  prides  ourselves  on  our  extensive  quality  program,  aimed  at  ensuring  that  all  our
             customers receive only the best quality product. TriTech Lubricants is an ISO 9001-2015 quality endorsed
             company. Our products are rigorously tested to comply with international guidelines such as API, SAE,
             ACEA  and ISO and are backed by our product guarantee.

             TriTech Lubricants products are manufactured using the fnest quality base stocks and the most technically
             advanced additives sourced from all over the world. TriTech Lubricants is committed to Service and Quality
             and will continue to improve our products and processes to ensure all valued clients are constantly receiving
             the highest quality product available.
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