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TriTech Lubricants provides the highest level of product performance, customer service and technical support to ensure you always get the right product.

Being a TriTech customer means not only buying and using our products, but also experiencing the total customer satisfaction for which TriTech is renowned. We are confident our success has been, and will continue to be, a direct reflection of customer satisfaction with our premium product range and our proven service excellence.

In a changing world, TriTech Lubricants will continue to stay abreast of new product development and technologies. We provide quality lubricants to enable you, your business and your machinery to keep TAKING YOU PLACES.

Our Services

• Bulk Pumping Facilitation
• Bulk Gravity Oil Tanks (T&Cs apply)
• Dedicated Delivery Day
• Metro & Country Vic Depots
• Old Drum and IBC removal (*T&Cs apply)

• Dedicated Sales Representative
• Lube Help Desk
Mobile Lube Guide (Apple & Android)

We take pride in being one of the few genuinely Australian oil companies, ensuring that every drop is made for Australian conditions and embodies our commitment to quality and excellence.