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Technical bulletin: The value of thermofoil bottle sealing

Case Study

At TriTech Lubricants, it is of the utmost importance that our product is fit for sale and free from contamination or tampering. As of December 2017, all TriTech 1L, 4L, and 5L bottles have a thermo-welded foil seal fitted during filling. Since early 2018, our 6-litre containers have also switched to this unique feature.

Understanding the fitted seal

The foil seal is fitted in conjunction with a cap using a tamper-evident tear-away ring for additional security and to ensure product integrity. Also heavily used in the food and medicinal fields, a foil seal is unique to our industry and a positive way for TriTech Lubricants to ensure for its customers that the product inside the container is as it should be upon arrival. If the cap tamper evidence ring is ruptured or the thermofoil seal is seen not to be intact, it is a visual cue that something is not correct. In these rare instances, our customers should return the goods to the point of purchase for exchange*.

Product traceability has also been improved by adding a discreet batch code imprinted using oil-resistant ink on the front label of all 1, 4, 5, and 6-litre containers. In the event of a product performance, quality, or contamination query, TriTech can easily refer to and compare the batch number of the product in question to the retained sample for analysis and evaluation.

Identifying the batch label

The batch code will typically be printed on the front label and run vertically near the label edge. This rule of thumb may vary slightly for some products or where the label is more complicated and room is restricted. In these cases, the batch number will still be on the front label and on the right-hand side.

*To discuss the exchange of a faulty product, consult our customer service department.

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